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The most popular types of BPO are used to maximize business growth.

Helpware Business process outsourcing has shattered glass ceilings – almost everyone seems to have jumped on that bandwagon! And rightfully so! In this quick guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about business process outsourcing and tech support outsourcing to kickstart your very own BPO journey!

But first.

What does BPO Stand for in Business?

You’ve probably heard the term BPO being thrown around in important business meetings and have wondered what BPO in Business stands for. Don’t fret! BPO is simply short for business process outsourcing.

Businesses today outsource both essential and non-essential front-office and back-office operations to third-party, external teams that handle these tasks for you. These teams consist of professionals with hands-on experience, deep industry knowledge and access to the top software and tools to carry out your operations seamlessly.

Business objectives for BPO are a great option for business owners. As someone looking over operations, business goals and other growth factors, you probably have a jam-packed schedule. By outsourcing your operations to an exterior party, you can free up your time and direct it toward other important issues.

Types of BPOs

If a business is looking for BPO, you must brush up your knowledge of the different types of BPOs. There are two ways to categorize business process outsourcing: 1. Location-based outsourcing and 2. Service-based outsourcing.

Location Based Outsourcing

Location-based business processing outsourcing, as the name suggests, is based on the geographic location of the third-party outsourcing company. Location-based outsourcing includes:

1.  Offshore BPO

When taking advantage of offshoring, the biggest plus is the price difference. Offshored labor is cheaper than domestic labor in some locations.

If you can find a location where the cost is significantly lower, you can save money without negatively impacting quality. Even though you’ll pay less, you will likely get better results.

2.  Nearshore BPO

Unlike offshore BPO, a nearshore BPO provider is located in a country close to the one in which you’re located. Due to proximity, client-service representatives in close-by BPO centers may already speak your native language. This implies they could interact with clients conversationally and go out of the script when needed. Close-by BPO agents are also typically much more familiar with the culture of your home nation. This enables them to connect much more strongly with consumers than an offshore BPO agent.

Service Based Outsourcing

Conversely, outsourcing can be categorized according to the kinds of services the outsourcing provider offers. This includes:

1.      IT-Related Solutions
2.      Knowledge Process Outsourcing
3.      Legal Process Outsourcing

To name a few.

Final Word

Whether you’re a business looking for BPO or a business planning for BPO, it’s important to look for the right partner before jumping on the bandwagon. Fortunately for you, Helpware is the best BPO company in the market. Reach out to us, and let’s see how we can gear your Business for success!