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Musicians’ Favorite Super Bowl Bets: A Survey of the Industry’s Elite

When we say pop culture and the Super Bowl, the first thing that pops into mind is the Halftime show performance by renowned artists. However, your favorite Hollywood elites have also been creating headlines for years by placing high-stake bets on this sports market. Emotions run high in the celebrity industry when it comes to Super Bowl betting.

Let’s check out the star-approved Super Bowl betting events that created a buzz in the industry through big wins and losses.

50 Cent 

The gigantic wagers show the never-ending love of Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson for sports betting, primarily Super Bowl events.

The Highroller spent millions of dollars on NFL matchups. Till now, his biggest bet is on the NY Giants for $500,000 in Super Bowl 2012 whotimes. The overtime during the finals created a sense of thrill for a while. However, the victory of the Giants over the San Francisco 49ers became a celebratory moment for the American rapper.

Surprisingly, 50 Cents doesn’t use predictions and calculations to punt. Instead, the rapper listens to his inner voice starsfact. Well, winning a $1 million football bet tells his flair for the game.

Besides, 50 Cents encourages responsible betting through his songs. He frequently shares his gambling passion and strategies on social media channels and in interviews.


With an estimated net worth of $100 million, Birdman is one of the A-list bettors. The Hip Hop artist is famous for his $1 million stake not once but twice! In the 2011 Super Bowl, Birdman punted and won his bet on the Green Bay Packers. The rapper left the hint for winning the whopping amount through his Twitter handle. He tweeted – “Just cashed in a milli.”

Next year, the co-founder of Cash Money Records tried his luck again by betting on the Patriots in the Super Bowl 2012. However, this time he lost the bet as Giants dismantled the Patriots.

There is also a controversy regarding his deleted posts involving a $200,000 wager on favored Patriots against fellow rapper AR-Ab. However, the Eagles upset the Patriots in Super Bowl LII. Thus, leading to a significant loss for Birdman!

What kind of strategy does the rapper use when wagering such crazy sums of money?

Like 50 Cent, Birdman also follows his intuition rather than applying any calculation before Super Bowl betting. 


Another high roller and big game betting fanatic from the world of Hollywood is Drake. Canadian rapper and actor placed a series of bets during Super Bowl LVI between the Bengals and the Rams.

Firstly, a $500,000 bet on Odell Beckham Jr. for catching a touchdown. After all, they are good friends! Luckily, his prediction also came true. Drake earned the payout of $575,000 with Rams’ first TD by the footballer.

Further, the Canadian rapper also placed a stake in Beckham Jr. to have over 62.5 receiving yards. This time Drake lost the wager of $500K. Due to a bum knee, Beckam Jr. had to leave the game in the first half, scoring only 52 yards.

However, Drake cashed out $306,000 by betting on the favorites Los Angeles Rams. The NFL team won the championship league by a 20-23 score.

Pop Culture Influence on the Sports Betting Market

The influence of pop culture doesn’t limit to million-dollar bets by celebrities during NFL finals. The sports betting industry is also reliant on pop culture. The star-studded Halftime show during the championship league creates myriad opportunities for online bookmakers. There’s a reason some people follow the Super Bowl league only to watch the Halftime show. 

Since fans follow their favorite stars, gambling becomes more attractive when they find a bet market dedicated to the Super Bowl Halftime show. Hence, you’ll get extensive Super Bowl Halftime proposition bets during the annual football league. 

Whether you’re a Lady Gaga fan or goo-goo for Snoop Dogg, the fun of Halftime show bets beats everything else. Some famous prop bet options among bettors during the Super Bowl event include

  • Who will sing National Anthem?
  • The first artist to perform during the Halftime show.
  • Dress color of artists.
  • What will be the first song by Snoop Dogg? (or any artist performing that day)
  • The number of artists performing during this year’s Super Bowl.
  • A total number of songs in the Halftime show.

Halftime Prop Bet Strategies

Prop betting is usually a game of chance. Many celebrities even bet online for the Super Bowl based on intuition. However, sticking to simple strategies is vital to find value in your bets. As a regular bettor, you can’t blindly wager millions like A-listers. 

Prop betting on halftime shows is a fun experience, but it doesn’t mean you can wager on any available sportsbook. The odds vary based on the bookie. Considering the massive impact of pop culture on sports wagering, it’s no surprise that sportsbooks offer competitive odds on prop bets. 

For instance, the odds for Rihanna’s performance for Super Bowl 2023 are already live on various sports betting sites. However, the odds aren’t the same on every gambling platform.

Make sure to analyze the lines by different bookies. It will allow you to pick the betting option with minimum risk and loss.

Further, Halftime show props with simple yes/no lines or over/under offer more value to bettors. On the contrary, you’ll be paying more juice on prop bets with more than two options. Choosing the lower vig wagers ensures a better payout.

So ensure to follow the proposition bets rulebook to avoid rash betting on Super Bowl events. 

Final Word

Undoubtedly, sports betting is a fun and rewarding passion for everyone from all walks of life, including filthy rich Hollywood A-listers. In fact, pop culture and Super Bowl have been in a long-term relationship. As celebrities indulge in high-stake gambling, this affinity will only grow stronger. 

However, celebs also lose the bets like any regular punter. The differentiating factor is that they can afford to wager big! Thus, no one can reduce the risk of loss. 


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