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Sentropy, the company that invented the “Ai Powered 13M Hatmaker” to detect online harassment and abuse, has been purchased by Discord. This new acquisition means that the Discord community will be able to use Sentropy’s AI technology to help them detect and prevent online harassment. And, in the future, the company plans to integrate its own products into the Discord toolkit.

AI system detects online harassment and abuse

Sentropy’s AI system detects online harassment and abuse and helps users. The company was founded by former Palantir and Microsoft employees. They worked with a group of media and child rights experts to develop the system. It’s now being used to protect kids from criminal acts.

SomeBuddy, another Sentropy product, helps young people identify criminal acts and access legal assistance. Using an AI system, the software is able to assess potential crimes and provide legal advice.

Another product is Defend, a platform that monitors the web for new behaviors. It adapts to individual community guidelines. It also works to reduce threats of physical violence. In its first six months of life, version one of the bot achieved an 89% accuracy rate.

As part of its research, the company analyzed signals from Craigslist, dark web forums, and other social media sites. Their software is now in private beta testing. Through September, they’re offering a free Detect and Defend service to help consumers report and defend themselves.

According to a recent study, about three-quarters of internet users have been the victims of serious attacks. Online abuse can include comments sections, blogging platforms, and messaging apps. However, some forms of online abuse are more subtle.

Defend ships with intuitive workflow tooling. This allows users to easily respond to incidents. Defend also supports end-to-end moderation workflows.

Discord plans to integrate Sentropy’s own products into its toolkit

Discord, a popular video game chat app, recently bought Sentropy, a company that develops AI technology for detecting online harassment and abuse. The acquisition will strengthen the company’s safety and trust capabilities.

Discord has built up a team of machine learning experts and human moderators to help ensure that its user community remains safe and secure. This team, which includes 15% of its employees, works to shape the company’s content moderation policies. It also uses the Perspective API, which analyzes user messages and detects problematic content.

As Discord continues to expand its functionality and audience, it’s aiming to become a more general social network. A spokesperson said that trust and safety is a top priority.

Since its launch, Discord odisha discom has grown rapidly. In the past three years, its usage has grown by 97 percent. It currently has 150 million monthly active users. It’s gaining popularity in the mainstream as well as the gaming community.


Discord is in a good position to go public in the near future. It has already raised a number of strategic investments, including its own Series H funding round in September 2020, led by Index Ventures. These investments have helped the company bolster its cash reserves and grow its user base.