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How to Get Your Tax Refund Faster This Tax Season

The IRS has announced that the processing time for refunds this tax season is likely to be longer than normal. The reasons for the delay include the backlog from processing last year’s tax returns, ongoing reconciliation of tax credits and stimulus payments, and staffing constraints. These delays could impact taxpayers who filed paper-based returns or amended returns. In order to avoid these delays, you can take certain steps to expedite the refund processing process. If you file your return online, choose direct deposit, and double-check your information before sending it to the IRS, you can avoid the processing time and receive your refund sooner.

Once the refund has been approved, the IRS will send the check to you. You should expect to receive the check in five to 10 business days. However, the refund may be offset or reduced before it reaches your bank account. If you live outside the US, your check may take up to ten days to reach you.

If your refund is delayed, you can contact the IRS directly. You have a 1 in 9 chance of getting a live person to answer your call. Alternatively, you can use the IRS2Go mobile app to get the latest information about your refund.