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There are several reasons to attend TechCrunch Disrupt Minneapolis. The most obvious is that it’s an opportunity to meet and interact with leading startups. Another reason is that there are plenty of interesting speakers, workshops and other events to choose from. If you’re thinking about going, there are a few things you should know first.

About TechCrunch Disrupt

TechCrunch Disrupt is a three-day conference held in San Francisco in October. The event features big names and exciting new experiences. Its agenda includes roundtable sessions and meaningful small group discussions. Attendees must be at least 21 to attend.

The event’s mobile networking platform is available in the Apple App Store. In order to access the free event app, attendees must create a US-based Apple or Google account. During the conference, there will be parties, activations, and other events.

The event app features virtual speed networking and on-demand videos from previous days. You can also transfer your badge between events. However, you must agree to sponsor privacy policies.

One of the most intriguing presentations at the event is the Startup Battlefield 200, a competition among early stage startups. The winners will receive a $100,000 grand prize. They will be selected by a panel of judges.

Another important presentation is the BF 200 Fast-Pitch Sessions. These will take place at the Japan Pavilion. Several startups will be able to make a fast pitch to TechCrunch editors and other experts. Some of the topics include health tech, robotics, and biotech.

Venues for TechCrunch Disrupt in Minneapolis

TechCrunch is hosting a special event in Minneapolis, Minnesota this fall. The event is part of the City Spotlight series, which explores technology and innovation outside of Silicon Valley. It will feature some of the best startups from the Twin Cities, as well as challenges posed by industries outside of the tech industry.

In addition to the tech, there will be a number of other events and experiences available to attendees. For example, there will be a number of parties, activations, and roundtables.

There is also a Startup Battlefield 200, which features 200 early-stage startups vying for a $100,000 prize. This is a particularly important event for startups. As part of the event, there will also be a chance to meet investors, receive in-person advice, and attend workshops.

Another must-attend event is the Startup Battlefield, which takes place at TechCrunch Disrupt. This competition features a number of early-stage startups from around the world, who pitch judges to earn the chance to win the coveted prize.

Speakers at TechCrunch Disrupt in Minneapolis

TechCrunch Disrupt in Minneapolis is a special event. It will take place Wednesday, June 6 and Thursday, June 7. The event will feature a number of speakers. They’ll share their stories and encourage audiences to explore new ideas. Afterward, attendees can interact with experts and get valuable advice.

Speakers at the event include Jessica Brown, who shares her story about a revolutionary technology company. She also emphasizes the importance of embracing differences. In addition, there will be an interview with Chief’s CEO, Carolyn Childers.

Other speakers will talk about their companies’ efforts to expand the female workforce and encourage women to pursue careers in tech. Megan Smith, for instance, is working on a groundbreaking research that centers on the psychology of self-actualization and disruptive technology.

Similarly, Andrew Leone’s Dispatch is one of the brightest stars in the Minneapolis startup ecosystem. This on-demand courier service has attracted attention from local investors.

David Washington, a 12-year Microsoft veteran, has a track record of building projects with iOS and the mobile web. He’s won the TechCrunch Disrupt awards and speaks regularly at technical conferences.

Attendees at TechCrunch Disrupt in Minneapolis

TechCrunch Disrupt is a 3-day conference showcasing technology leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and other top-tier tech minds. This year, the event will be held October 18-20 in San Francisco.

The upcoming event will have more than 5,000 attendees. It also features a startup pitch competition. You can participate in the competition by pitching your product to a panel of investors and program audience members. If you make it through, you could win $10,000 in funding.

TechCrunch Disrupt is an opportunity for startups and developers to connect with leaders in the industry and find funding. It also hosts roundtables, parties and activations.

Startup Alley attracts hundreds of startups from around the world. There’s also a chance to meet with potential investors, learn about the best companies, and get some advice from industry experts.


In addition, TechCrunch Live, an extension of the city spotlight series, will take place in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This special event will feature investors and founders from the Twin Cities.