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Types of Air Compressor on Ship

There are several different types of air compressors on ships. These units can be motor-driven or engine-driven, and can be used for a variety of different applications. These include starting the main engine and auxiliary engine, automating the engine, and controlling the air used by both engines. They are also used for various applications on deck and in the engine room, including hydraulic jacks and pneumatic tools.

The two main air compressors on a ship are the service air compressor and the deck air compressor. The service compressor provides up to 155 cfm at 125 psi and runs at 770 RPM with a Westinghouse 40 HP motor. The deck air compressor is a 163 cfm unit that uses a three phase 40 HP motor and runs at 1800 RPM. Both compressors are made by Ingersol-Rand and have the same capacity and power consumption.

The air compressors on deck help crew members operate emergency fire pumps in the event of a fire. While out at sea, these units are often on their own during emergencies, so these types of systems are essential for the ship’s safety and integrity. These units also provide auxiliary power in the event that the main compressor fails.

Marine air compressors provide compressed air to a variety of functions on a ship. Compressed air is used for starting the main engine, cleaning the ship, and for maintenance. They are built to handle the marine environment, which can be rough on metals and can cause them to break down. This can pose a safety risk if the device is not properly designed for marine use.