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A new stage of Discord has appeared in the form of Discovery Hatmaker, which is geared towards building a stronger community through a fun, interactive experience. The brand is changing its logo to something more “bold and playful,” but its main goal is to root out neo-Nazis and other dangerous communities and to introduce users to the communities at the heart of its platform. As a result, the platform’s valuation has increased.

Introducing new users to the communities at the heart of the platform

Discord is a company that takes community engagement seriously. That’s why the company has been adding sensible new features at a steady clip. Recently, the company rolled out Scheduled Events for Stage. The feature allows users to plan for upcoming events in advance. They’re also planning to roll out threaded conversations this summer.

But while Discord has made some progress in the community space, it has yet to really nail it. For one thing, it’s still largely a gaming oriented platform, even if it does have a large and growing nongaming population. To help address this issue, Discord has been building out its Stage Channels to cater to interests other than gaming. It’s also launching a paid audio event feature that could be big news for the creators of Discord’s ilk.

A quick survey of the company’s staff revealed that a full 15% of them are dedicated to the Trust and Safety team, whose mission is to enact moderation policies that keep people safe from unwanted harassment. Of course, the company isn’t above the occasional racist or anti-social element, but it does seem like it’s making efforts to mitigate the aforementioned dangers.

Rooting out neo-Nazis and other dangerous communities

The white supremacist movement has made a strong showing in recent years. This includes the emergence of extreme right political parties, including Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn. There is also a strong international element to the movement. In the past decade, violence from right-wing extremists has been on the rise.

White supremacists around the world are interacting and meeting in person. They are meeting at conferences, and gathering online as well. Often, they are facilitated by influential ideologues. These ideologues spread ideas that stoke fear and violence amongst white supremacists.

A white supremacist gathering can provide a forum for white supremacists to share ideas and recruit new followers. However, the event also provides a forum for radical neo-Nazis and other dangerous communities to thrive. For example, a recent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, was dominated by far-right protestors. Several people were killed in the rally, including Heather Heyer.

Some of the white supremacist movements have been influenced by the German far-right extremists of the 20th century. Among these groups is the Atomwaffen Division, which has been tied to five murders. The group also inspired the British neo-Nazi Sonnenkrieg Division, which broke away from the group and is still active.

Valuation increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Discord, an online gaming platform that has cultivated a large community of interest-based communities, has recently begun to broaden its scope. For example, its recently launched Clubhouse is a live audio event discovery platform. In addition, Discord has added an interest-based community platform called Discord Stage, which hosts ask-me-anything discussions and open-mic competitions. And the company has also been expanding its presence in non-gaming markets.

Recently, Discord has also been keeping tabs on Stage Discovery, an algorithm that curates channels of social audio rooms on Discord. The company is trying to figure out if the new tool is helping users find a community. Previously, users would have to type in their own queries to find a community, but Stage Discovery uses machine learning to sift through hundreds of channels.


Discord also has a team dedicated to protecting users, which includes 15% of its employees. They are responsible for creating policies that will shape the way content is moderated on the platform. Its Trust and Safety team has also worked to root out dangerous communities.

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