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Lip surgery

   I have to say that lip thinning or chestnut-shaped lip surgery is a very popular surgery. I must say that lip cuts have been popular for a long time. Like reviews of lip surgery on famous surgery forums, most people see the photos and admire the beauty and beauty, but really no one knows what is behind the beauty. And then there’s some secret behind the pretty mouth pictures. 

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Those writers would like to collect all questions including problems before and after lip cutting and present them as conversations as follows.

Patient : Writer, give advice on cutting the upper lip. I wish I had lips as thin as a chestnut.

Writer: Let the writer check your lips. (The writer puts his hand Turns his mouth around)…Eh! Are you fixing your teeth? So don’t do the surgery.

Patient: Why?

Writer: Well, now that other oily lips look thick, it’s clearly due to protruding teeth. If the braces are done, some of the lips will roll back in, making the lips look less thick.

Patient : But I’ve been doing this for a long time, my lips still don’t seem to be getting smaller.

Writer: Well, right now, Khun Writer hasn’t finished arranging his teeth yet. Including tools (braces) are still attached to the teeth. It also supports the lips to look protruding and thick. And if the surgery goes now, the lips will actually be smaller, but when he smiles, he will smile and see the gums.

Patient : Writer, but the dentist said that it can be arranged like this. Soon the braces can be removed.

Writer: I’m sure. The writer says it’s still looking at it. Is the writer going to take off the iron?

Patient: Sure.

Writer : Then it’s ok. Cut it, cut it…. (The writer pretends he’s not willing to cut it)3 Months go by like a lie…

Patient: Doctor, come back to check. (The patient smiles showing braces with clear gums)

Writer: You see, you really smile and see gums.

Patient: It’s okay, I’m not serious. But where the rat is Sirius When I take pictures, I look like I’m always smiling. (then take out the iPhone and use your finger to poke. Then show the picture) smirking and the corners of the mouth are not moving equally high and low.

Writer : True, then writer, let me examine your lips. (Put your hand and chase along the edge of the cut lip wound to the corner of the mouth on both sides) Where do you try the gym?

(The writer still puts his hand on his lips…) That’s enough. Okay, the writer knows.

Patient: What is it for? Why do I smile differently?

Writer: There is a hard membrane. Along the surgery incision line, it’s not much, but it’s mostly at the left corner of the mouth, so when you smile, the side that has the fascia can’t be fully removed, so it looks like a smirk. Sorry.

Patient: It’s okay.

Writer: No, the writer didn’t apologize to you, but the writer would ask, Do you have a boyfriend yet?

Patient: (embarrassed) Will the writer adopt?

Writer: (pretending to be indifferent) No, the writer will ask, kiss time with boyfriend. Didn’t your boyfriend tell you that? hard lips (It is a fascia formed by cutting the lips.)

Patient: Oh, my girlfriend doesn’t kiss often. He arrived and went ahead and mouthed the mouse. How did you get lost?

Writer: The writer recommends two things.

  1. The writer recommends massaging hard lips often and daily.
  2. Injection to dissolve fascia, but must be injected gradually. Inject a lot. Will disappear, may need to be injected at least 2-3 times and it may take time. Lips may become atrophy or necrosis of the lips. So than for a smile, see the gums. If the writer has finished orthodontics, it will gradually get better. When the front teeth fall into the lips, it will gradually come down to cover the gums although not all but it would be better In such cases, the writer concludes that the upper lip amputation should only be performed after orthodontic treatment. In the case of orthodontics and upper lip amputation, the result is a smile that shows the gums. to cause fascia in the area of ​​the lips to cut as well

ฟTherefore, the writer would like to conclude that before the surgery, there must be enough information and even if a lot of research has been done and the patient is already confident in the doctor. There will always be an error. When an error occurs, the more effort you need to find out or how to fix it. Don’t think too short, everything in this world has its solution. For example, when cutting the upper lip and cutting it so much that it makes you smile and see the gums like a horse. Not that there is no solution until Even if you have to be born again in dentistry, you can cut the gums to make them smaller. seeing less gums, even seeing more teeth Manussapatilabho” Being born as a human is very difficult. Therefore, to think that after death and to be reborn as a human being is very difficult… for the nose. Its function is to smell and breathe. The mouth is responsible for drinking, eating, talking, so you can do whatever you want with your organs. Both of these must be appropriate.