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Honeywell 30 Amp Line Voltage Thermostat

This thermostat is designed to control electric heating systems and can be used on either a 120V or 208V baseboard. It has a wide range of temperature settings from 37 to 48 degrees Fahrenheit, and a frost free warning feature. The thermostat also features an offsetting feature and a night setback mode. It also has a minimum resistive load of 0.83A, making it ideal for use on a baseboard heater.

The Honeywell TL8230A1003 thermostat features a bright display, LED back light, and accuracy of up to one degree Fahrenheit. It also features an innovative feature known as Early Start, which ensures that the desired temperature is reached within a programmed time. The thermostat does not require a battery, and installation requires a basic electrical wiring setup. It has four wires and is compatible with both 120V and 208V systems.

Before you install the Honeywell thermostat, be sure to switch off the power to the baseboard heater and furnace. You should also switch off the power to the circuit breaker panel and fuse. If you’re unsure of how to do this, consult an HVAC contractor in your area. They will be able to assist you with this.

While line voltage thermostats can be used for both 120 and 240 volt systems, they may not be compatible with all heating systems. A typical setup will include a thermostat for each room. In that case, you’d have to manually adjust each thermostat in order to change the temperature of the entire house.

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