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Superplastic, the new company, is a hatmaker based in the UK, with its primary goal to manufacture custom-designed hats using a polyurethane resin. With a reputation for quality and consistency, the company has already created a number of successful products. In this article, we’ll examine its recent efforts to raise money and raise awareness of its products, and take a look at what to expect from the brand moving forward.

Series A funding

Superplastic is a new designer toy startup based in Burlington, Vermont. The company’s creator Paul Budnitz – a former Kidrobot founder – has a vision for creating an imagined universe of fictional chaos across a variety of mediums. He’s also betting on a new business model. With a $20 million Series A funding round, the company is building an ecosystem that includes animated films, NFTs, apparel, and more.

Budnitz says the company’s success is driven by story and character. “We’re creating a world where we can rewrite the rules of celebrity, fashion, and entertainment. We’re connecting the real world with the virtual world,” he said. While the company has already tapped into toy sales, it’s taking a page from Marvel and Disney, launching an interactive NFT world and retail experiences in New York City and Miami. This year, it’s sold more than seven million NFTs, generating more than $7 million in total sales.

Retail shops

Superplastic has been making waves since the company’s founding in 2006. Since then, the Los Angeles based brand has collaborated with everyone from Gucci and Epic Games to Fortnite and Kidrobot. From a branding standpoint, the brand is also a powerhouse in apparel and toys. The company plans to open retail stores in New York and Miami early next year.

On the technology front, the ol’ company has been a stalwart in the digital collectibles arena, selling millions of NFTs (non-figure-sized toy) to the masses. Earlier this year, the company partnered with Christie’s to release the largest NFT of all time. Amongst its most high-profile projects, the brand has also turned down several streaming studios in favor of its own virtual world. As the name suggests, the company has also managed to do its own version of the infamous fuckup.

It’s all part of a plan to create an immersive and omnipresent fictional universe for its acolytes. From a marketing standpoint, the company has made its mark with a plethora of snazzy social media platforms, a robust Discord community, and a trove of cleverly crafted NFTs.

Animated feature film

Superplastic, founded by Kidrobot creator Paul Budnitz, is an international entertainment company. They are building an ecosystem where fans can interact through animated films, retail experiences, and digital collectibles. The company’s characters live on social media and through the company’s own Discord community. It’s all part of their plan to build a virtual world that’s populated with cartoon influencers.

Their first product is a virtual toy, which is currently sold in limited quantities. The company also manufactures apparel and designer toys. With its new digital presence, the company plans to expand its revenue opportunities. Eventually, Superplastic will have a feature film.

In addition to a toy line, the company is creating an online community called the Jankyverse. Previously, the company’s characters have been partnered with iconic fashion brands and gaming platforms. These partnerships have helped to build the Superplastic community, which has racked up millions of followers on social media. Now, Superplastic is using Instagram to connect with their fans.

Digital collectibles

Superplastic has released its own virtual world called the Jankyverse. In it, users can play and create their own physical figurines. They can also build houses, take part in games, and interact with other characters. It’s a digital universe with a thriving Discord community.

Superplastic, a company led by the creator of Ello and Kidrobot, plans to create an ecosystem that connects real world experiences with the virtual realm. This ecosystem is based on the concept of the metaverse. The world is a holographic depiction of the real world, but the users can interact with it in a variety of ways.

While the digital collectibles market has a lot of potential, it’s still in its infancy. Domestic markets haven’t completely embraced the technology yet. However, they’re making some waves.


As the non-fungible token (NFT) market continues to grow, investors are pouring money into it. Cointelegraph reported that in August, weekly revenues for NFTs hit a peak. And this week, the NFT market saw $60 million in sales in just one 24-hour period.